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What We Do

Build your dream home

Remodel your home

Design your project

Customized cabinets

Custom entertainment centers

Redesign entertainment centers

Interior and exterior paint

Kitchen and bath remodels

Install new windows and doors

Prestige Construction and Development, Inc. holds a license in general contracting, offering a variety of construction services ranging from custom homes, to remodels and renovations.  Our goal is to make your ideas come to life.  With an emphasis on customer service and satisfaction, we pay attention to every detail our customers’ request.  We base the management of your project to your specifications.

At Prestige Construction and Development, Inc. our process for completing client projects is designed around client input.  Below is a brief overview of our process.

Our Process

Needs Analysis

The first step we take in our construction process is a needs analysis. The goal of our first meeting with our clients is to thoroughly understand their specific needs and wants for their building project. At Prestige Construction, we understand that you don’t know what you don’t know – all you know is what you want. That simply means that for our clients who are not well versed in construction, remodeling and/or renovation, there are certain questions they should ask but don’t know that they should ask, so we help by asking them for you.

Strategy Suggestions

After asking the right questions and analyzing our client’s specific needs, we offer different suggestions of possible ways to accomplish their desired end result. For example, a client may know that they want to “brighten up a room” (that is their desired end result) so they will request a different paint color. We listen to these needs and requests, and offer suggestions to achieve what they are looking for. For brightening up a room it may include a new paint job, but could also involve adding a window, or a light source, or maybe adding a different texture on the wall behind the new paint job. If a client knows that they want more space in their room, we may suggest building custom storage units within a closet, rather than having to extend a wall. Whatever the project is, our clients are sure to get a variety of how to accomplish their desired end result before any work is done.


After a strategy is agreed to by the client, we start the development of the construction project. We give constant updates to our clients, and appreciate feedback throughout the development process. We know that everyone hates being left in the dark, not knowing what’s going on, so we make sure our clients are well informed throughout the development of their project. We are open to feedback, and we make sure that our clients feel comfortable asking questions at any point during construction. Our goal is to make sure your ideas translate into reality with a beautiful finished product.